What if we all remembered the lessons
of our  history?

Recently I spoke at a wonderful book club where one of the readers gave me a tremendous honor. Not only had she read and enjoyed The Prince of Glencurragh, but she had also decided to learn more about me by reading my personal branding book, Brand Yourself Royally in 8 Simple Steps.

She said when she read my personal vision statement in that book, she had much greater understanding of why I do what I do, and a stronger connection to the stories I'm telling.

I first wrote my vision statement as part of my own brand, thinking of it as part of my personal drive and never intending to share it with anyone. But then I realized it was also a very genuine way of connecting with people. 

And so, I'm sharing it with you today:

My vision for the future is a literate world that values, shares and learns from the stories of generations that went before, and honors them by living with respect and compassion, refusing to repeat the mistakes of the past so that things like human brutality, greed-driven wars and preventable famines no longer exist.