"The author is not only a gifted writer; she is also diligent and honest in the craft of writing historical fiction. Her sense of place complements her strong character development...I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or indeed anyone who loves a good story!"
-- Terri Dean, author and psychologist


The book cover features an actual portrait of the Earl of Ormonde, an important character in the book, who later became a Duke and served as friend and advisor to King Charles II. He was a major landowner in Ireland during the 17th century.        Barnes & Noble       Universal link

The Prince of Glencurragh:
A novel of Ireland

As the son of a great Irish warrior, Faolán Burke should have inherited vast lands and a beautiful castle, Glencurragh. But tensions grow in 1634 Ireland, as English plantation systems consume traditional clan properties, Irish families are made homeless, and Irish sons are left penniless. Encountering the beautiful heiress Vivienne FitzGerald, Faolán believes together they can restore his stolen heritage and build a prosperous life. Because the Earl of Cork protects her, abduction seems to be his only option.

But Vivienne has a mind of her own, the adventure that begins as a lark takes a dark turn, and plans go awry. Faolán finds himself in the crossfire between the four most powerful men in Ireland—the earls of Clanricarde, Cork, Ormonde, and the aggressive new Lord Deputy of Ireland—who use people like game pieces. With events spiraling beyond their control, what will become of Faolán, Vivienne, and the dream of Glencurragh?

This book is the prequel to Sharavogue, but also stands alone. Available in hard cover, soft cover and e-book. 



A fiction in the classical style of a bygone era

‘The Prince of Glencurragh’ is an enthralling tale of battle and birthright where author Nancy Blanton weaves her knowledge and research of history expertly into a believable and fascinating fiction based on reality of 1634 Ireland.

With the mastery over the language and its nuances author Nancy Blanton takes her readers through the era of Irish rebellion of 1641, where an English law of plantation system, suppressed livelihood and right of inheritance of properties forcefully from many Irish sons leaving them helpless and homeless. Both poignant and optimistic, author Nancy unfolds her historical fiction at a reasonable pace depicting an appealing protagonist ‘Faolan Burke’ who strives to get his right over stolen heritage, The Castle Glencurragh by abducting a beautiful young heiress, ‘Vivienne Fitzgerald’ to build a new prosperous life. With all the wondrous adventures encountered by ‘Faolan’ and ‘Vivienne’ readers are taken through an enchanting yet thorny path of journey that is sure to engage them on many levels. 

‘The Prince of Glencurragh’ is a well written fiction smartly embedded into historical events to satisfy any fan of this genre. Author Nancy Blanton is a storyteller in the classical style of a bygone era that surely makes her work a possession that is worthy of being widely read. Highly recommended.