"I have an MBA and consult with authors, small business owners, etc. Your book was a delight to read! I wish business schools would use it as a text for marketing and brand development."

-- Ken Johnson, founder and CEO, Johnson Institute

Brand Yourself Royally in 8 Simple Steps:
Harness the Secrets of Kings and Queens for a Personal Brand that Rules. 

Who needs a personal brand? Anyone who realizes his or her success depends upon being likeable and memorable to potential customers. But how can you build an effective personal brand without spending a fortune? Take your inspiration from the first personal branders, kings and queens. Combining historical research with corporate branding experience, Nancy Blanton offers authors, artists, consultants and others the gems of wisdom from savvy monarchs and leaders who depended on the support of their people. Her simplified branding process and communications planning guide incorporate these time-honored techniques to help you create your own personal brand and then put it into action.

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