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Personal branding

Your values, your vision and mission, and how you relate to your audiences most effectively.


– My award-winning book, Brand Yourself Royally, describes 8 simple steps to an effective personal brand.

– Based on my own experience and research, each step helps clarify your brand, and you become more memorable

– I provide workshops and individual consultation to help you create what works for you.

– I help you connect the dots between the you on paper and the you in action.


Packages - Reduced pricing in honor of Amelia Island Book Festival, now through March 30!

Personal Brand Assessment
If you already have a working brand, this option provides a professional review of your brand elements, visual representations, and related marketing and communication materials to see what’s working and what could be strengthened. Written analysis includes recommendations if needed, and a suggested plan of action.  $55

Personal Brand 1 – 2 – 3
A personal brand is much more than a logo, a color or a slogan. For true brand strength, start with the basic building blocks: Values. Vision. Mission. Define these three for an unshakable foundation to build a lasting brand. All other brand elements flow from this. Personal Brand 1-2-3 walks you through each process to reveal the core of your brand and light your way forward. Includes suggested steps to complete your brand. Three hours. $180

Brand Me Royally!
A professional approach to your complete brand, including all eight steps featured in “Brand Yourself Royally in 8 Simple Steps.” See how all the elements work together to strengthen and energize your brand, and clarify every business action for consistency. Your consistency helps deliver the grand prize of branding: customer trust.  $589 for the first 8 hours, hourly rate for additional time as needed.

Brand Communications Planning
Put your new brand into action with a complete, strategic communications plan including goals, objectives, audience, messages, tactics, vehicles, timeline, and evaluation. Three hours. $195

Press Release
Get a professionally written news release to launch your new brand. $70*

Get a compelling and consistent advertisement, custom designed in three sizes to place in targeted publications. $285*

* Prices include up to three revisions.


Communications strategy and planning

Setting goals, defining messages, structuring the timing of communications and events

– Written communications plans, including schedules, social media content planning, 

– Mission-based strategy

– Event planning and evaluation

Content curation and development

– Discovering the treasure chest of information that may be buried in your company archives, to define and illuminate thought leadership

– Personal legacy: tell your story in book form, celebrate a major milestone, capture your personal history for your family and others

Other services:

  • Writing / ghostwriting
  • Blog posts, articles, releases, reports
  • Internal communications
  • Presentations / workshops on writing and personal branding
  • Speechwriting and video scripting