"Blanton has accomplished what I think all writers of good historical fiction should. She has accurately portrayed a time in history with a real flare, serendipitously teaching her readers as she keeps them utterly captivated with her characters. Her descriptions of places and events are so vivid that it is easy to imagine being on the sugar plantation or sailing across the ocean."

~ LAS: The Long and the Short of It Reviews




Winner of Florida's Royal Palm Literary Award, this is the story of a 17th-century peasant girl who curses Oliver Cromwell during his deadly march across Ireland, and then must run for her life. Swept away to the West Indies, can she survive those lawless lands, destroy her sworn enemy and reclaim her own heritage?

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The Prince of Glencurragh

PRE-ORDER NOW: The prequel to Sharavogue. When Faolan Burke abducts an Irish heiress to improve his station in life, he finds true love and the pathway to his dreams, but lands in the crossfire between the three most powerful and conniving men in Ireland.  


A Royal Branding

Combining historical research with corporate branding experience, Blanton guides authors, artists, consultants and others through the time-honored techniques of the first personal branders -- kings and queens -- to help you create your own personal brand and then put it into action.

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