"This novel grabs the reader from page one, it is an entertaining and educational adventure."

~ Maureen L. Pollock, Senior Librarian, Bonita Springs, FL

"Each voice is a unique one, each setting fully realized and beautifully described. The writing is exquisite, the story impossible to forget, the characters rich and fully rounded."

~ Phyllis Grifman, Los Angeles, CA


A novel of 17th century Ireland and the West Indies

Winner of Florida’s Royal Palm Literary Award

It is December of 1649 as England’s uncrowned king, Oliver Cromwell, leads his brutal army across Ireland to eliminate a violent rebellion. Fifteen-year-old Elvy Burke, the daughter of a great warrior, hears the thunder of soldiers approaching, and knows she will never surrender to him.

When Cromwell cruelly beheads a village boy, Elvy vows to avenge the killing and destroy Cromwell. She escapes, only to align with a Scottish outlaw whose schemes send them headlong into a tumultuous journey across the sea to the West Indies, where she becomes an indentured servant on the sugar plantation, Sharavogue.

Knowing she’ll be killed if she is caught trying to escape, Elvy learns to survive in her new life—and soon discovers the depth of her own strengths and emotions.

Sharavogue is the compelling tale of one girl’s journey through the lawless lands of the West Indies as she fights for survival and a chance to claim her destiny.



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Sharavogue begins in the winter of 1649 as Oliver Cromwell and his men are crossing Ireland, leaving very little in their wake. While I am a fan of historic fiction, I was skeptical about this particular time period.  I was soon swept away in the character of Elvy Burke, a displaced member of an Irish royal family. After a direct confrontation with Cromwell results in a local Irish lad being beheaded, Elvy is forced to flee but vows revenge on Cromwell.

Elvy’s intentions to “lay low” for a time are interrupted when she is swept onto a ship and sent to the Caribbean to become an indentured servant. She is bought by the owner of a sugar plantation called Sharavogue.  While she adjusts to the life of a slave her venom towards Cromwell and his ilk never wavers.  Island life is harsh but also filled with wonderments as she learns to maneuver in her new life.  Meeting interesting and colorful characters, Elvy consistently seeks a way to get to England to destroy her enemy.  Other slaves scoff at her grand illusions but she maintains her resolve to kill Cromwell and reclaim her inherited dynasty.

Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, Elvy proves herself to be headstrong, determined and successful. Never losing sight of her dream to reclaim her deserved inheritance, Elvy works endlessly to return to Ireland. Her self-proclaimed return is fraught with struggles, however, the people she meets along the way become instrumental to her success.